It is important to have a plan when farming to increase your chances of success. You should have an idea of what you wish to cultivate and how long it will take to grow. Here are some crops you can farm on small gardens.


This is the crop to grow if you are looking to generate profit from your garden. The demand for mushrooms is higher than supply in most places around the world. Mushrooms have a fast-growing cycle and are harvested multiple times in a year. A single room is enough to grow income-worthy mushrooms.


Lettuce can be sown directly in the garden or a seedbed for transplanting. They can grow all year round in any climate. It should be shaded in hot climatic regions.


They require soils rich in potassium and nitrogen. It is advisable to plant them near a fence or corn which will support the crop’s climbing.


Kale can do well in most climatic regions. Plant kale at any time of year and wait for the right time to harvest. You only need to water the plant and spray it to kill pests. The crop is profitable and helpful in the food supply at home.