To be a complete farmer, you should have the basic garden tools. These tools are essential in daily operations even in a small garden. Most of these tools are very affordable. Some important tools you should have in store include:


This is a handheld tool useful in performing small tasks such as digging small holes, transplanting seedlings, digging weeds and breaking soil clamps. The best trowel is one with a wooden handle and a solid metallic blade.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears perform regular tasks in the garden such as cutting small bushes and harvesting. It is necessary to own this equipment because you cannot evade doing the tasks done by shears.

Watering Can

Small gardens need regular watering routines to keep the crops healthy and strong. A watering can helps the farmer to water the plants efficiently. You can also buy a hose which can be a substitute or even complement the watering can.


A shovel is a basic garden implement essential to every farmer. Shovels help perform many tasks such as transplanting or relocating plants, digging holes and moving soil. They come in different shapes to perform different tasks.