Farming is one of man’s oldest practice, and many people have become self-reliant from this practice. It’s very fulfilling to grow your own food. You may want to start farming but you don’t know where to start. Below are a few books you should look for and read to give you an insight on where to start and how to progress.

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It

This book by John Seymour gives a great insight into how to be self-sufficient. It covers several topics on how to rear animals and do gardening, among others. After reading this book, you will have a full guide on growing, cooking, and even preserving and storing your food.

Barnyard in Your Backyard

It’s best for farmers who want to get into animal rearing. The book by Gail Damerowwil helps you with the basics of rearing ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, sheep, chicken, and cattle. The book is the best guide that digs deep into specific breed types.

Keep Chicken

It offers an introduction to chicken keeping for eggs to farmers who want to start farming in urban and suburban areas. The writing by Barbara Kilarski is funny, engaging, and full of information at the same time. It covers the information of coop designs, feeding, and egg collection, among others.

The Contrary Farmer

The Contrary Farmer by Gene Lodgson covers in depth the aspect of traditional farming and on a large scale basis. The inspirational and entertaining book teaches the basics to anyone who wants to expand their farming to a large-scale as well as the newbies in the farming business.