Farming is the age-old practice of rearing animals and cultivating crops. Farmers have a crucial task of feeding the ever-growing population. They are involved in various forms of farming to accomplish this task. Here are some types of farming practised across the world.

Pastoral Farming

This kind of farming involves the rearing of animals only. Pastoral farming is favourable in cold and wet regions. Most of the lands used for this practice are steep and have poor soils. These conditions are not favourable for crops. Dairy animals should not be grazed in such areas as they need a lot of pasture. In such conditions, a lot of eternally grown feed is necessary.

Mixed Farming

This is the rearing of animals and growing crops on one piece of land. The two types of farming support each other and help improve farm yields. The risk of making a loss in this kind of farming is very low.

Subsistence Farming

Subsistence farming is farming done for personal consumption. It is practised on small scale. Technology and machinery are not used much as subsistence farming is labour-intensive. People engage in subsistence farming to be self-reliant.

Commercial Farming

It is practised with an aim of generating profit. It is practised on a large scale to maximise production. Farmers practising this kind of farming have an option to rear animals or grow crops. Machinery and technology are widely used with little labour required. Farmers practising this type of farming practice monoculture.

Nomadic Farming

Farmers involved in this kind of farming have to move with their livestock in search of food and water. It is practised in arid and semi-arid regions. Some of the animals reared in this kind of farming are, sheep, cattle, camels, donkeys, horses and goats.

Poultry Farming

It is the rearing of birds such as chicken and turkeys for eggs and meat. This kind of farming has large profits as the market for poultry products is quite high. Poultry farming can be done in small or large scale.

Fish Farming

It is the rearing of fish in fish ponds. This kind of farming has helped improve fish supply in many parts of the world. It has helped reduce the reliance on fish from lakes and oceans.

Extensive and Intensive Farming

In this type of farming, farmers input on their land to increase productivity. Extensive farming is when farmers increase their size of land to increase production. Intensive farming is when farmers increase labour and capital on their piece of land to increase production.

Arable Farming

This is the growing of crops in warm areas. It is practised in gently sloping areas with fertile soils. The piece of land used should not be too wet. Machines are used in this kind of farming.