Judge Bao

Judge Bao is a modern Chinese pop-up eatery run by “Sauce Boss” Jamie (the man behind the culinary goodness) and “Bun Hun” Debbie (the brains behind the brand). The duo experiment and create contemporary dishes based on Chinese traditional flavours with a pinch of playfulness.

Judge Bao is known for its handmade, artisanal foods that are creative and a bit bold at times. Quality and ethical practice are core values to Debbie and Jamie’s work. They use only free-range meats and eggs, GMO-free soybeans, and seasonal local produce. All food packaging is compostable too, cos you got to love mother earth.

In addition to their mobile pop-up eatery and brand collaborations, Judge Bao has started retailing their range of condiments. The three available at this moment are the Five Spice, Silk Road Spice and Sichuan Peppersalt. All house blend condiments are used in Judge Bao's recipes and are lovingly handcrafted in small batches. Enjoy a little piece of Judge Bao in your cooking - they all pack a punch so a little goes a long way!